RSMS / Subclass 187 Visa

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme allows businesses in regional areas or low population areas to sponsor overseas workers for permanent residency. We make getting the RSMS visa fast, simple, and painless — for a flat-fee of only $3,500.

What are the benefits of the ENS visa?

The RSMS visa allows a business located in a regional, remote or low population growth area of Australia, to sponsor overseas workers for permanent residency to fill job vacancies.

Your business, as well as the nominated position, must be located in an area outside of Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and Melbourne. Businesses located in all other areas of Australia are eligible as sponsors under the RSMS visa.

There are several benefits to permanent residency:

  • no need for repeat 457 visa applications to keep employee in Australia
  • employers have less onerous sponsorship obligations than compared to 457 visas
  • overseas employee can live and work in Australia permanently
  • employee's dependents can study in Australia without having to pay international school fees
  • overseas employee will not need to purchase private health insurance

What are the eligibility options?

There are 3 eligible streams under the RSMS visa.

  1. Direct Entry stream: for onshore applicants who are new to the Australian labour market and have not held a 457 visa for at least the last 2 years, or for offshore applicants who are applying directly from outside Australia.

  2. Temporary Residence Transition stream: for 457 visa holders who have worked in Australia for at least the last 2 years in the nominated occupation and are offered a permanent position in that same occupation.

  3. Agreement stream: for applicants who are being sponsored through a tailored and negotiated labour agreement or regional migration agreement.

Why choose the RSMS over the ENS?

The RSMS offers several key advantages over the ENS:

  • no need for skills assessment for the direct entry stream unless applicant is nominated under a trade occuapation and has obtained qualifications outside of Australia
  • no need to have 3 years of consecutive relevant experience before applying under the direct entry stream
  • no ongoing training requirement under the direct entry stream
  • significantly more occupations are eligible under the RSMS than the ENS
  • approval time is generally faster for the RSMS if a 'decision-ready' application is submitted

What are your fees for a RSMS visa?

We charge a flat-fee of $3,500 for RSMS visa application. Note: our fees do not include GST or compulsory DIAC lodgement charges. For more information on our fees, view our pricing page.

How long will it take to approve the RSMS visa?

DIAC has stated that the standard processing time is around 4-6 months for each application stage.

As registered migration agents, RapidVisa can lodge 'decision-ready' applications that receive priority processing by DIAC. Our average approval time for ENS visas is around 3-4 weeks.